OutdoorsMarkOutdoorsMark is a safety-focused systems audit designed by the New Zealand outdoors community for the New Zealand outdoors community. It is suitable for a very wide range of outdoors activity providers from sole traders to multi-activity outdoor centres and is flexible enough to cater for all circumstances. OutdoorsMark provides an independent process for assessing the robustness of operational safety policies, procedures and practices for alignment with currently accepted outdoors community standards. OutdoorsMark is awarded to organisations that achieve the required standard and is valid for a period of up to three years. OutdoorsMark audits are conducted by approved OutdoorsMark auditors.

NZRRPThe New Zealand Register of Recreation Professionals (NZRRP) is an initiative by a collective of National Recreation Organisations and National Safety Bodies. It is a web-based database for the public to find and access the qualifications and services of professionals working in our industry (whether paid or in a voluntary capacity) in order to make a more informed decision about who they choose to engage with. NZRRP allows individuals who hold Qualifications that are agreed by the NZRRP Governance Group, to be recognised publicly. It also allows for those qualification holders to show the currency of their skills and knowledge through a renewable registration process that measures currency based on agreed industry criteria.

NZOIANZOIA has promoted excellence in outdoor instruction and guiding through qualifications for professionals since 1987. We are the qualification body for nine outdoor activities or disciplines with three levels of qualification, which are recognised nationally as the industry standards. We also offer training and revalidation options to our members. NZOIA developed New Zealand outdoor instructing and guiding into a profession with our commitment to training, standards, currency, and a code of conduct. Assessment, through formal peer review of our instruction and guiding practices, has improved our way of working. We’re responsible for promoting the highest standards of outdoor instruction and guiding, and striving to ensure that outdoor activities participants enjoy quality experiences.

We work in a positive environment where we combine education and fun.