Primary and Intermediate

TSB TOPEC programmes for primary and intermediate schools are constructed using the New Zealand Curriculum as the foundation document. While health and physical education are at the core of our programmes, the outdoors is a fantastic environmental learning platform for all subjects.

Intermediate (11-13 years of age)
Leadership (1-day)
Encourages independent thinking and working with others in a group.

Residential Camp (3-day)
Leadership style / team building incorporating RiverSafe and BushSafe at a higher level with activities in and around TOPEC, on Taranaki Maunga and local rivers.

Bryce Jourdain Scholarship
The purpose of the Bryce Jourdain Scholarship is to provide an opportunity for 10 Year 8 students to participate in a programme of self-discovery and personal development during the last week of term three each year They will experience the outdoor environment and awaken their potential through a tailored leadership and personal development programme. Notification of applications for the scholarship will be sent early term 3 each year.

Primary (7-10 years of age)
RiverSafe Education – making safe decisions in and around water
How to be proactive in looking after yourself and others around water, talking about past experiences, feeling safe/scared and how to deal with the feelings.

Practical: learning self-rescue skills, hydraulics of a river, gaining confidence in swimming in a river with all the appropriate gear and equipment, using different craft in a river: having a go in rafts, kayaks, river bugs.

BushSafe Education – preparing to safely go into the bush
How to prepare to go into the Bush, what to take, how to tramp safely as a group, how to avoid getting lost in the bush and what to do if rescue is required.

Residential Camp (3-day)
Incorporating BushSafe, RiverSafe and team building activities that focus on working with others towards a common goal in a fun setting. Gives opportunities for potential leaders to step up.