Real tasks with real consequences provide an experience with lasting results. With this in mind, we offer a range of practical, action-based team development days using the activities themselves to promote learning and understanding.

Our combination of experienced, motivated and enthusiastic instructors, and our breath-taking location, creates a learning environment that’s second to none.

At TSB TOPEC we are committed to ensuring each one of our guests enjoys every part of their stay with us. We appreciate that a productive learning experience relies on a relaxed and receptive mind. That’s why we go out of our way to make sure every element of your event is effective – the facilities, equipment, accommodation, meals, overall hospitality, and great activities for your team led by top-notch instructors.

Corporate – Instruction

Our instructors include trained teachers, experienced and accomplished outdoor practitioners, each one dedicated to sharing their love for the outdoors and outdoor activities that maximise potential.

Our instructors, have stood on the summit of mountains, climbed the steepest cliffs, and paddled the most challenging of rivers as part of group expeditions. They appreciate the value of teamwork in achieving a goal.

Our instructors are all dedicated professionals who believe firmly in challenge-by-choice which put simply means that each person has the right to choose how much they are involved in any activity and how much they want to ‘challenge’ themselves.

Corporate – Activities

Aside from providing an enjoyable break from routine in an area of outstanding natural beauty a team development event at TSB TOPEC can be productive and rewarding in many ways. Helping to forge links between departments, cement bonds between team members, integrate new staff and improve personal skills like communication, problem solving, leadership, planning, innovation and delegation.

The nature of the land and water based outdoor activities we offer allow your team to develop trust, confidence and understanding whilst highlighting the importance of effective leadership, communication and, of course, teamwork.

Each of the activities provides a shared learning experience where your team must work together in an unfamiliar environment to succeed. To achieve results in any task or activity, the team will have to bring out the best in each other, and in themselves.

Above all, we believe that everyone involved in the process of experiencing and learning new skills will get enriching rewards whilst having lots of fun.

You can make up your own Team Development Event by ‘mixing and matching’ from this list as you please, making up an event of one to three days or longer.

Corporate Course – Team Leader Training/Critical Incident Response

During out Team Leader course, we will provide Leadership training using both practical and theoretical aspects of Leadership – combining what Leadership is all about and then going out and demonstrating it.

Functional Leadership, especially over a small team in critical situations, is essential for reaching a positive outcome, remaining safe and developing others.

Are your staff asked to operate in challenging situations, under tight time frames or with strict financial constraints? It is essential that a team has trust in the Leadership and be allowed to function effectively in assigned specialist areas.

Leadership in pressure situations requires certain skills – the ability to operate independently, make effective decisions, negotiate the needs of the individuals, the team and task all whilst protecting group and company safety is quite a juggling act.

During the course you will participate in pressure situations utilising the outdoor environment – to facilitate individual development towards becoming a more effective Leader.

Leadership factors that will be covered include:

  1. Analyse Leadership
  2. Human behaviour
  3. Morale within the team
  4. Discipline
  5. Problem solving
  6. Decision making
  7. Apply Leadership effectively
  8. Effective Communication
  9. Brief / Debrief
  10. Leadership style
  11. Leading a team
  12. Conflict resolution
  13. Stress – managing critical incidents

Corporate Course – High On Life

This day of enjoyable outdoor activity begins with an in-depth session on our Low Ropes Course, which is set into the native environment giving you the chance to experience the tranquillity of this bush like setting. As you work your way around the Low Ropes Challenge your team comes together to overcome each problem in turn. Calling on the collective contributions of every team member – drawing on their ideas, support, and effort to achieve a team goal – each exercise is performed low to the ground minimising risk and anxiety whilst allowing the team to progress at a comfortable pace. Progression is then on to the High Ropes Course where individuals will need team support complete tasks.

This perfect ‘ice breaker’ activity is followed by a move onto our Climbing Wall.

Under our instructor’s watchful eye, the team will have the task of organising and running the session themselves, discussing and agreeing the level of personal challenge, individual goals and the demands upon and responsibilities towards other members of the group.

Splitting into smaller ‘buddy teams’ you’ll have an exhilarating and enlightening afternoon negotiating The Wall.

What do courses include?

  • A bed in rustic kiwi cabins (normally shared) unless we specifically state “Non-residential”
  • Use of specialist technical equipment and clothing
  • All in-course transport
  • All instruction
  • Free use of our Ropes Course, lodges and other buildings
  • Self or catered facilities for multi-day courses
  • Catered lunches for day courses.

What do courses not include?

  • Travel to and from TSB TOPEC
  • Catered evening meals, unless previously organised

When should we arrive?

You should aim to arrive at 9am on the day of your course start date. Rooms will not be available before this. Lunch will be provided. With multi-day courses, lunch is the first meal of the course.

You will meet your instructors and start activities following a welcome from one of our senior staff. Courses finish around 4pm on the last activity day. It may be possible for you to add an extra night’s accommodation, leaving the morning after the course.

If you have booked a non-residential day you should plan to arrive by 8.45am and should finish around 5pm.

How do we book?

To make a provisional booking or discuss your requirements please call Claire on 06 7580448 during office hours or E-mail


TSB TOPEC does have liability insurance.


We can accommodate varying degrees of fitness, however, we do reserve the right to curtail participation or in (rare) cases we may ask a participant to withdraw from activities if we feel their lack of fitness is causing excessive difficulties for other course members.

Value for money

As TSB TOPEC is a non-profit making centre, run by the Taranaki Outdoor Pursuits and Education Centre Trust, our aim is to make sure you get the best possible value for money when enjoying the outdoors.


All activities are entirely weather dependant. Every effort will be made to accommodate your booking, however, should conditions be such that we cannot run your chosen activities we will offer an alternative activity.

Useful Information

Participants must be 8 or above.

Instructors will assume full responsibility for the groups during sessions. The visiting group leaders are responsible for supervision after 4.30 pm ie. the evenings and overnight.

  • All specialist equipment is provided.
  • All those rafting, kayaking, river sledging / bugging, body boarding, or canoeing must be water confident.
  • You are welcome to hire extra gear from our equipment store.
  • Overseas visitors must make sure the group can communicate in English.
  • For special needs groups, alternate arrangements may be necessary, please phone to discuss your requirements before booking.
  • All our instructors are appropriately qualified and experienced.
  • All sessions are entirely weather dependent. Every effort will be made to accommodate your booking, however, should conditions be such that we cannot run your session we will offer an alternative activity.
  • Taranaki Outdoor Pursuits and Education Centre is a registered charity.
  • To ensure the wellbeing of the group every ten young people must be accompanied by an adult leader or supervisor at all times.