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TOPEC - a commitment to safe practices

All of our staff agree that a commitment to safe practices is essential to achieve the elimination of incidents, resulting from our actions.

Any incident or action has the potential to cause harm to participants and employees, particularly recognising those at most risk:

  • new or less experienced employees
  • contract instructors / part time instructors
  • course participants
  • Members of the Public affected by our actions, especially those most vulnerable in our Community and
  • Visitors within or close to our sites.

The TSB TOPEC commitment goes beyond caring for people and includes the complete avoidance of damage to:

  • Our environment,
  • Public utilities / services and
  • Property of any kind, including our own and adjacent buildings/property owned by others.

We will achieve this by training and working together, through our individual and collective responsibilities to:

  • Work safely,
  • To report ALL unsafe acts, near misses and incidents
  • To follow instruction / policy and

To contribute suggestions or advice that will help everyone to work safely towards our health and safety goals

Safety Promotion

TOPEC core safety values are promoted throughout the operation. Policy, procedure, practices and the allocation of resources must clearly demonstrate the organisation's commitment to safety. The following methods are used to promote safety:

  • Posting the "SAFETY" core principles in prominent locations around the base of operations.
  • Having forums for employee input and reporting of safety concerns
  • Having annual agreed safety objectives
  • Regular safety discussions, reports and meetings.

TOPEC Core Safety Principles

All staff at TOPEC embrace"S.A.F.E.T.Y" principles:

  1. Safe does not mean risk free - we will disclose risks, we will manage risks and support Challenge by Choice
  2. Assess - experience is no assurance that mishaps will not happen. Continually reassess the situation to manage risks and keep within limits.
  3. Focus - familiarity and prolonged exposure without a mishap can lead to a loss of appreciation of risk- Risk Perception changes with experience. Ensure the focus on real risk is maintained.
  4. Everyone is responsible for the identification and management of risk - participants, staff, management
  5. Think before you act - be conservative, listen to your instincts and be prepared to stop. Always operate in the safest manner practicable.
  6. Your contribution can help others - report hazards, incidents, accidents so others can learn.

We will achieve "S.A.F.E.T.Y" by training and working together and through our individual and collective responsibilities.

TSB TOPEC is audited by Outdoors Mark and Maritime NZ to ensure that our operation meets National Industry requirements. This audit also looks at risk management, staff competency, staff training, accident reporting and equipment.

TSB TOPEC and Outdoors Mark ( Safety accreditation)

OutdoorsMark is a safety-focused systems audit designed by the New Zealand outdoor sector for the New Zealand outdoor sector. It is suitable for a very wide range of outdoor activity providers from sole traders to multi-activity outdoor centres and is flexible enough to cater for all circumstances.

OutdoorsMark provides an independent process for assessing the robustness of operational safety policies, procedures and practices for alignment with currently accepted outdoor sector standards.

OutdoorsMark is awarded to organisations that achieve the required standard and is valid for a period of up to three years.

OutdoorsMark audits are conducted by approved OutdoorsMark auditors.

OutdoorsMark is administered, managed, and promoted by Outdoors New Zealand, the lead organisation supporting outdoor recreation, outdoor education and adventure activity providers in New Zealand. Encouraging best practice and continuous improvement in outdoor safety and programme delivery is a key area of focus for Outdoors New Zealand.

OutdoorsMark is recognised by:

  • Department of Conservation
  • Ministry of Education
  • Maritime NZ
  • ACC
  • NZ Mountain Safety Council
  • Water Safety NZ
  • NZ Outdoor Instructors Association
  • Education Outdoors NZ
  • Secondary Principals Council
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