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"Don't Try To Fit In, When You Were Born To Stand Out."

Bryce Jourdain was a much loved and respected Husband, Father, friend and Outdoor Instructor at Taranaki Outdoor Pursuits and Education Centre ( TOPEC ). Bryce lost his life on August 8th 2012 whilst attempting to save Spotswood College Students Stephen Kahukaka-Gedye and Joao Felipe Martins De Melo who were washed into the sea from Paritutu Rock, New Plymouth.

The Outdoors was a place that Bryce was incredibly passionate about. Bryce excelled in providing opportunities for people to grow mentally, socially, push their personal limits and discovers new things about themselves and others.

As part of Bryce's legacy, TOPEC in conjunction with Robyn, Isaac and Grace Jourdain offer scholarship opportunities to students of Intermediate School age to participate in an Outdoor focused course. The course is aimed at personal development, self-discovery and unlocking the inner potential.

The scholarship is intended not only for those who have already been identified as high achievers, but also for those with potential that may need a boost, an opportunity to shine, or someone to say you are allowed to believe in yourself. The course also aims to inspire participants to become role models for others, to show leadership and importantly to recognize the NZ Outdoors as a special place.

Applications are accepted from all Taranaki Intermediate aged students who complete and return the required forms by the end of term 2 each year or as decided by the scholarship committee.

When writing the story of your life, don't let others hold the pen

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