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TSB TOPEC sustainability in action

At TSB TOPEC we follow the principle of Kaitiaketanga - of guardianship. In kaitiakitanga, humans are the guardians of the world who assist the gods and ancestral spirits to preserve and protect the physical environment.

In modern terms, kaitiakitanga is a holistic philosophy that aims to deliver the planet to future generations with its mana / status intact. For us and those that attend TSB TOPEC, this includes running the Centre and Programmes following a philosophy of sustainability, protection of the environment and having a minimum impact on the areas we visit.

TSB TOPEC is part of the Enviro Schools project and as such offer opportunities for groups to participate in environmental projects. Some of our initiatives include:

  • An energy audit - usage each week is recorded and ranks groups on our TOP GEAR board for lowest useage. Groups achieve a kilowatt / hour score per person, this then places them somewhere on our "green board". The high the usage the lower their ranking. Wet weeks are compared to dry weeks and competition is encouraged.
  • Construction of an earth oven - a fantastic addition to the facilities has been an earth oven. Made from clay, a recycled cattle trough and some good old kiwi ingenuity. The oven is fired from wood collected from along the river, and cooks fantastic pizzas.
  • Recycling - TSB TOPEC has been acknowledged by New Plymouth District council for the recycling efforts we undertake.
  • Eco leadership Lodge - constructed from recycled and or sustainable materials. It is solar powered and harvests rain water. Comfortable, sustainable living that goes to show that being Green can be done.
  • Davidson lodge - recycled building relocated from Hawera.
  • Buying used goods to extend the life of a product and where possible sourcing items locally.
  • Fixing something rather than throwing and buying new
  • Planting native plants to encourage wildlife and birds
  • The instigation of an orchard and edible plants.
  • The promotion of the Environmental Care code, River Care code, Marine Mammal protection Code.
  • The telling of local histories and stories of what the land was like, how it was used and ho it is used today to increase an awareness of human impact on the environment.
Transpacific Waste Management

TSB TOPEC is pleased to acknowledge the support of Transpacific Waste Management as a main sponsor of recycling and other waste generated by the Centre. The provision of sponsored bins complement our Kaitiaketanga or looking after the environment for the future philosophy.

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