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TSB TOPEC is the only Commercial rafting company in Taranaki. Trips take place on the local rivers of Waiwhakaiho, Manganui and Waitara rivers range in difficulty from Grade 1 – 3. Depending on river conditions, it is possible to guide your own raft or have a guide do all the hard work for you. TSB TOPEC is audited annually by Maritime Safety New Zealand. Staff are industry qualified and undergo regular safety training to ensure competency. Rafting is always a highlight of any course.



This activity can take place on the local rivers of Waiwhakaiho, Manganui and Waitara. Dependant on ability participants can use sit on top or sit in, decked kayaks. Other flat water options include kayaking skill development on lake Rotomanu or at Ngamutu Harbour. Of course kayaking can also take place in the world famous Taranaki Surf at selected spots.


Participants opting to go caving with TSB TOPEC can have a real adventure experience. A drive North to Mahoenui allows a number of possible Cave systems to be experienced. These include the relatively dry “Skyline Cave” with features such as the Gallery and the Ogres teeth, the ominously named “Murderous Cave” with its awkward squeeze of an exit to the re- birthing experience of “Fallopian”. Other caves include the technical “Hangover hole” that includes an abseil down through a hole and waterfall into the abyss, Totoro Road with some of the biggest Eels you have ever seen and groove.

Dam Dropping

Unique to Taranaki, You, a kayak and a 30ft drop of water, pure adrenaline. Paddle to the edge of Normanby Dam, then take the drop.. the screams can be heard for miles!

You have the option of using body boards, rafts, sit-on kayaks, that are easy to use or the sit-in kayaks, which require a little more nerve.

For those chasing a bigger thrill, it is possible to stand on the lip of the drop with support from our Qualified Instructors to increase the mental difficulty.

Dam Dropping

Adventure Based Learning

Adventure based learning is aimed at developing personal and social skills in an adventurous context. It is aimed at young people to develop team work, leadership and to allow them to push themselves in a fun environment. This activity is completed onsite.



Navigating around the TOPEC fixed course seems like a breeze until ….. Which way now? The DOC reserve and local environment is the perfect place to learn orienteering skills in a safe controlled location.



TSB TOPEC has a National Park on it’s doorstep. The variety of tracks, rivers and natural features that are available mean that this is an activity that is within the capabilities of the young or old. Staff are experienced in leading Bush trips throughout the National Park.


Snow experiences

For those that just want to touch the snow or experience the Winter environment in a non technical environment. Sledging on Mt Taranaki in a raft looks odd but it is lots of fun.


Alpine Summer

Experience the Apline environment during Summer. The long nights and amazing sunsets are something to be experienced. Our Maunga provides the inspiring environment for a truly spiritual experience.


Education for Sustainability

TSB TOPEC has been an active member of the Enviro Schools project. Sustainable practices are employed from monitoring electricity usage, recycling, growing edibles in the garden to living correctly in the Outdoors. All activities we offer have an environmental focus which can be used to facilitate Education for Sustainability


High Ropes

TSB TOPEC has an onsite High Ropes course which has been constructed in a stand of Native tress. It is exhilarating to be completing elemts of the course with the swaying of the trees, and native birds living around you.


Low Ropes

This course is located in a stand of native trees and has a number of elements that will challenge even the most agile. It is a great activity for the young or as part of a problem solving / team building programme.


River Safety

TSB TOPEC has delivered River Safety programmes since 2003 and continues to do so. The activity promotes the knowledge and skills necessary to keep yourself safe in and around Rivers, streams and in land waterways. Participants develop theoretical knowledge of rivers before applying this to a practical situation. Swimming rapids, rescues, river crossing and river dynamics are some of the areas covered. This activity is conducted on site.


Team Building

A well tried portfolio of activities can be called upon to promote Team development. Programmes can be produced for Corporate Groups, community groups, Sports teams as well as Schools and School Leaders. Activities vary from mental problems to physical tasks. Groups are guaranteed to Form, Storm and Norm.

Team Building


Leadership courses are available to develop leaders in recognising leadership styles, developing styles, decision making and evaluating performance. Reflection and feedback are an integral part of the process. The Action learning cycle is followed during leadership courses. Participants are put under pressure in leadership situations to promote development.


River Bugging

River Bugging is a whitewater sport where a single person navigates a stretch of river in a craft known as a river bug. The river bug is a small inflatable craft with an inflatable tube at each side of the user and an inflatable back rest behind. The user sits between the tubes and can be secured into the craft by means of a waist strap.

River Bugging

Inflatable Canoes

These are heavy-duty Canadian-style inflatable canoes made for rivers, lakes and sheltered marine waters.

Very stable and an absolute delight to paddle, giving little drag and excellent maneuverability - even when fully loaded- the inflatable canoes are equally at home in Class 3 rapids and in open water.

River Bugging


Abseiling can be experienced onsite either using our purpose built articial climbing / abseil wall or off a bridge that crosses the Waiwhakaiho River. Both activities are fun and require determination to complete.

Short Expeditions

These are overnight or multi night trips involving a range of activities. Groups regularly overnight under a flysheet in a wilderness bush area. Groups are self sufficient carrying food and equipment sufficient for their needs. The environmental care code means that groups take only memories and leave only footprints.


Bridge Swing

One small step for….! A great activity for the thrill seekers. The location is at TOPEC so we can here you scream from the lodge. The bridge swing is a controlled activity that allows the jumper to look down at the river below before leaping backwards to swing, It takes courage, determination and is a great spectacle to watch.


River rescue courses

These course are designed for recreational kayakers or rafters that want to upskill in river rescue techniques. Our skilled staff are able to offer industry level training in rafting and white water kayaking.


Unit standard / achievement standard assessments

These course can be delivered on request and through negotiation with individual Schools. TOPEC can facilitate evidence gathering for assessment against accredited standards. Staff are registered Teachers and / or US4098 holders – workplace assessors. We are very experienced in Standards based assessment and adhere to best practice assessment policy.

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